Paver install- from start to finish

This project was originally installed as a patio behind the garage to fill the deep shade spot north of the Sun Porch. The owners decided a few years later that a sidewalk should be installed from the garage service door and brought all the way down the patio (thus enlarging it slightly). Since lawn wasn’t growing well from the shade and drainage from the downspout was a problem, the hardscape installation would be the perfect solution.

Once size was determined and staked out excavation began to create the 6” compacted crushed gravel and 1” sand base the pavers would rest on and would match the height of the existing patio.

Draintile was installed for the downspout with the outlet for the water in the adjoining planting bed.

Once the base was prepared the next step was to lay the pavers, apply joint sand and cleanup!

The original patio received a coat of paver sealer to help lock in the joint sand and freshen up the color.

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