Evaluate your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the first impression of a house. When done right the view from the street or driveway can put forth a positive and intriguing vibe. Research current landscape trends and hardy plant material or call in a landscape professional for a consultation to put together a plan that fits your time and budget to maximize the desired view from the street or driveway.

Beginning at the street the view includes the house itself but also the surrounding lawn, foundation plantings, trees or in some cases the lack there of. An appropriate balance of these landscape elements along with proper care to provide a neat and tidy look (but not blank and sparse) will provide that ideal first impression upon arrival. Often times a simple professional pruning and well placed plant addition can make all the difference.

Don’t let the overgrown shrubs bother you since they can easily be removed or cut down. Instead pay attention to problems like low spots or soil settling along foundations where water may be collecting and running into the foundation. Once you have evaluated problems start thinking about design!

Be sure to look at the front of your house from different angles and entry points such as view from the street, turning into the driveway focal point, walking up the side walk, front door entry waiting zone and don’t forget exiting your front door view to the street!

Our expert team is available to help out with planning for the right look, installation instructions and tips or complete a project for your own outdoor space. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation 507-581-6886 or email amy@ateamlandscape.com

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