RAIN GARDENS- Maintenance

As with the establishment of any garden, watering frequency and amount is vital to plant health. Most young, establishing plants need one inch of water per week after the initial establishment period of 4-6 weeks. Keep a rain gauge in your garden to measure rain events and determine supplemental watering if needed. In subsequent years you will only need to water in dry periods.

One of the other keys is keeping the planting weeded. Mulching and use of pre-emergent herbicide such as Preen greatly reduces the chance of weed establishment in the early days of the planting. Spring and fall are usually the most critical times to stay on top of this gardening chore. Work with a perennial professional if you need help identifying a plant vs weed.

Caring for the plants involves pruning, deadheading and pinching. These three activities keep your planting looking fresh and beautiful. When you perform these takes it also gives opportunity to examine plant health and if there are any insect or disease problems present. Always use a nontoxic and natural control to insure beneficial insects are not harmed. Again seek the advice of a gardening specialist if you are unsure about what to do! After a few years you may need to divide and remove plants to continue a healthy ecosystem that remains aesthetically pleasing. This task is best completed in the spring when plants are 4” high.

Lastly, do not forget to appreciate and enjoy the fruit of your labor- a beautiful, sustainable and important habitat for ecological health.

Call on us for your spring landscape maintenance needs. We can get you started on the right path for a beautiful landscape that will bring you joy all season. Visit www.ateamlandscape.com Email aTeam@vhiinc.com or CALL Amy 507-581-6886 to setup your groundskeeping consultation today.

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