Grow Your Own Food Landscaping

Popular garden types- pick the ones that fit your lifestyle and design ideas.

There are so many ways that you can easily produce an edible harvest in your own yard, deck or windowsill. Containers are available in a multitude of styles, colors and personalities to best fit your budget and needs. New varieties of plants come out almost daily giving us a plethora of choices to be successful with potted plants. Herbs on the windowsill are handy for adding fresh flavor in a multitude of dishes. Compact vegetables grown on the deck also makes for quick salad prep.  The popular trend of strawbale gardening even allows for driveways and other hard surfaces to host productive thriving garden spaces. Also technologies involving self watering containers, drip systems and fashionable watering cans keep plants hydrated as well as saving time. As long as sunlight is available there is a plant to grow there.

Containers and Pots- no yard, no problem

Mix vegetables and herbs with flowers for a colorful and edible container planting!

Straw bale – great for less than desirable soil

Throw down a bale of straw. Prep it for 10 days then plant. Keep watered throughout growing season.

Square foot – high production out of small spaces

Kitchen – combine a wide variety of plants with useful purposes in a careful design

Flowers, fruit trees, herbs and vegetables all planted in this showy garden.

Production Rows – high production farm type gardening

Our busy and hectic lives often don’t leave much time if any for yard work much less gardening. Many of us have a desire to eat local, healthy and organic foods and wish we had the time and the ‘green’ thumb to do it ourselves. If you truly are not able to grow or maintain any of your own plants, the next best thing is to visit your local farmers market and support others who can!

Natural Stone Landscape Options

Landscape Choices:

Edging- want a different look to your landscape edging?

Chilton Stone Edging

Flagstone (steppers)- clean walking from here to there!

Chilton Steppers

Flagstone (irregular or cut)- formal to rustic, pick your style.

Mississippi Bluff Limestone

Wall cut- tight joints for a clean look.

Mississippi Bluff Limestone

Boulders (accent or walls)- naturalistic style at its finest!

Small Boulder Raised Planting Bed

Mulch- low maintenance groundcover? Depends how you blow it!

Mocha Dark Brown Rock and Shakopee Red Rock
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EARLY SPRING BLOOMERS for MN: Shrubs and Trees

After a long winter of grey days with piles of white snow our eyes long to see some signs of life in the bleak landscape. The following plants are some of the first to usher in Spring with glorious shades of pink, purple, yellow, orange and white.

Redbud Flower

MN Strain Redbud Tree- This lovely one is a Redbud Tree. The rose-pink flowers emerge in the spring and last for 2-3 weeks before the green leaves appear. Then in the fall, the leaves turn to yellow, making this a great tree choice for any area you’re looking to add a little color to!

FUN FACT: Those flowers aren’t only beautiful, but edible! They can be added to a salad for a burst of crisp sweetness! How sweet is that!

 ‘Leonard Messel’ Magnolia! Well-suited for colder climates, this stunning flowering tree adds an oriental flair to any landscape. It thrives in sunny areas with plenty of water.
8′-40″ x 10′-30″
FUN FACT: Magnolia flowers are typically pollinated by beetles, rather than bees or butterflies! Magnolias flowers do not produce nectar, but they do produce large quantities of high-protein pollen which the beetles use for food.

Royal Star Magnolia

‘Royal Star’ Magnolia H 8-10′ W 8-10′
Beautiful white double star shaped flowers appear in early spring before the strappy green leaves emerge. Protect from southern winds to prevent flower buds from freezing off.

‘Ann’ Magnolia Small upright-growing magnolia with red pink lily-shaped flowers in early May. H10’xW6’

First to flower- Forsythia

Show off Forsythia  First Bloomer in Spring Height 4-5 ft. Spread 4-5 ft. Golden flowers appear before the leaves emerge, and the green leaves turn burgundy in the Fall.

Northern lights azalea- These are Azaleas! Azaleas grow from 3-7’ tall with flowers that bloom in spring, coming in a multitude of colors, so you would be sure to find one that would work in your landscape! These shrubs look especially lovely when planted alone or near conifers, but can work in just about any garden with partial to full sun and acidic soil(ph4-5.5 ideal)! FUN FACT: Festivals celebrating the bloom of Azaleas are held around the world, including Japan, Korea, and the US

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