Gardening Trends 2021

Inside Outside-

               Blurring the lines of a home’s interior and exterior so that the flow and harmonize with each other is the highlight of this trend. Use rugs, large chairs and end tables to create outdoor living rooms. Think outdoor kitchens with sinks and counters in addition to the grill. Maybe even an outdoor shower…

Tiny Gardening-

               Even if you don’t have much space you can still have a garden. Trellises and planting walls help by using vertical space if horizontal square footage is limited. Vice Versa if you have a large amount of space breaking it down into rooms and smaller spaces can make it manageable and cozy. Use of pots and containers on hard surfaces if you don’t have a dirt space are also options.

Windowsill Gardening-

               In northern climates we can expand our growing season to herbs and other select edibles near sunny windows inside our homes. Be sure to check watering needs regularly and use an insecticidal spray if you spot pests.

Raised Beds-

               Ease of maintenance and control of soil health is a couple popular reasons for this trend. There is a myriad of options and materials available to fit your style and planting choices. Edible plants can be joined with flowers and herbs for a creative display.

Balcony (Deck) Gardening-

               Don’t have a yard? Don’t have time to spend in the yard? Want color and edibles right next to the house? Decks, patios and the like are a great place to have gardens. Dream up containers, pots and other unique ways to hold soil and plant away. Remember to keep it watered, especially when windy and hot. There is many options for irrigation systems or do it the old fashioned way with a watering can.

Cottage Gardening- 2021

               This old-fashion design has been around a long time and shows up in many Impressionistic period paintings. A somewhat disorganized appearance (due to many self seeding plants) can be too wild for many but also provides riots of color and a sense of freedom. Many times herbs and vegetables appear since the location of the garden might be near the back door and kitchen.

Permaculture Gardening- 2021

               Creating sustainable and resilient landscapes is the mantra of this trend. While many designs are meticulously laid out to use every possible drop of resource produced there are options in micro scale for the part time gardener. Plant guilds are any easy starting point.

White Gardens -2021

               Often called moon gardens this trend highlights a color (or lack of color!) that especially comes into its own at dusk. So many white flowering plants- hydrangeas, coneflowers, allyssum and cranesbills to name a few. Don’t forget the variegated foliage of dogwoods and hostas too.

Grey Gardens- 2021

               Think concrete, galvanized metal, gravel and patio pavers setting the tone for your garden space. While you will be hard pressed to find flowers in grey there is many foliage plants that fall into the grey spectrum.

Wild Gardens- 2021

               Grassy meadows, prairie wildflowers and savannahs come to mind with this trend. Be careful that wild doesn’t become messy and unruly. Matrix gardens are an organized version of ‘wild’ that gives a wonderful impressionistic approach to landscaping. Usually a higher percentage of grasses to flowers say 70/30 provides the best look.

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Maple Trees

Maple Trees- great for sap collection (MAPLE SYRUP!), summer shade and fall color.

Silver Maple – fast growing but soft wood and many seeds

Sugar Maple- soil sensitive but the best fall color

Red Maple- nice hardwood but slower growing

Norway Maple- great dense shade

There are many cross breeds available (think Autumn Blaze). Check with a landscape or tree professional to pick the right variety for your yard.

Maple Syrup time- early March

Supplies and tools

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